Why People Write Books

I have heard many different writers say different things why you should write a book. "Know who you are writing for." "Know your audience." But I have never heard, "Write your book as if no one is ever going to read it." That's how this article grabbed my attention.

In this article, it talks about how the author Marian Keyes writes her books. She tends to write her books for herself, which can be a good thing, instead of writing for a specific person or audience. You get to know what she does and doesn't do when she writes.

"What's more important: The beginning of a book or the end?

Oh, the end! Without a doubt! A book can start in a hundred different ways and none of them are that important. So long as it hooks the reader, then it's fine. But endings, well, you can really only have one. And it's got to be good."

I always find it interesting what other authors think is the most important part of the book, because, to me, it's the beginning. If I'm not hooked on the book by the 3oth page then I probably won't finish it unless it's for class or a Stephen King novel. Not that the ending isn't important because it can make or break a book.

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