What is Writer's Block?

There are several writers out there who experience this thing called writer's block and it's no walk in the park. 

I am having my tackle with writer's block and it never occurred to me that there are little tricks to help get through it. So, I sat down and googled, "writer's block" and clicked on the first promising article I found; How to Overcome Writer's Block: 14 Tricks That Work, by Jeff Goines.

Goines expression of writer's block at the beginning of the article is, in my opinion, a little over the top, but you get the gist of it. However, I particularly love his overall advice on how to overcome this hurdle,

"...movement is critical. You need to generate movement to get out of your funk. Once you start heading in a direction, it's easier to pick up speed. And before you know it, your block will be a distant memory..." 

By getting up and moving, literally moving, your mind will begin to move with creativity. How ironic. In all sincerity though, I think he's got something here. I know I've never felt more creative than when I'm on a walk with my dog right as the sun is setting or swimming at the lake with a friend on a hot summer's day.

After reading this article, I learned that everyone is different; there are different causes of writer's block, different ways to overcome writer's block, and different ways to not overcome writer's block. Most of his tips don't even have to do with writing, which is probably a good thing. Some of my favorite tips he listed for getting over writer's block include, reading a book, brewing some coffee, or listening to some music. The most simple things can get you feeling inspired.

Personally, the tip that helps me the most is reading over some inspirational quotes. If you think about it, inspirational quotes are there for you to feel inspired to do something whether it be writing a poem, painting a picture, or coreographing a dance. You could even get a little more specific and look up "inspirational quotes for writers" or "inspiration quotes for creative thinkers" and see where that takes you.

Either way, as Goins says, don't just sit there and do nothing. I have been making that mistake, thinking that if I just wait then my creativity will come back. No Bueno. But seriously, just by reading this article, I got some inspiration.

If you are experiencing a writer's block, are feeling a lack of creativity, or just want something to read, click here to go check out the article.