What Makes a Good Peer Editor

Every writer should have their work peer edited. In my Creative Writing class, we are starting our workshopping process where each student gets a stack of other students' works. 

We make suggestions on each one. This is to help us revise our pieces before presenting them in our final showcase. So as you can probably tell, peer revision is a pretty important step in what we do. I know what your thinking, "Why do I need someone else to tell me what my work should say?". Fair point. But, if you think about it, your writing your work for an  audience. So, isn't it important for your audience to understand your work? 

In the article, Peer Editing Guide, written by Melanie Dawson, she lists off her main points by going over each section of a simple essay. Her suggestions can work with a thesis essay or with a fictional piece of writing. My favorite piece of advice provided by Dawson is to read the entire piece before marking up the paper. That way, you can have an overall idea of the piece and can make better suggestions.

Dawson then explains: 

"Feel free to write a few comments and suggestions. Careful, don't make the page "bleed" by marking too much."

Another excellent piece of advice. Remember, the work isn't yours, and you don't think the same as everyone else, but adding in a few of your own suggestions is not a bad thing. Overall, it's up to the author whether or not to accept your suggestions.

If you want to read the rest of the article, check it out for more tips on how to be a better peer editor by clicking here