WE WANT YOU...re Art.

The spring semester is drawing to a close, and that means one thing; we want your works.

That’s right, whether it’s stories, poetry, pictures or artwork, we want it all. Over the next couple weeks we will have our poor suckers-the nickname we in the biz give editors-scour over the works we receive to choose the best works submitted. Those that lose still get their works published in our journal, and the winners get that AND ALSO brownie points.

The process for submitting is simple; on the home screen, click the submit button. You’ll be directed to a page that asks for your information, as well as what type of art your submission is. Fill all that out, attach the file, and hit submit, and you’ll be entered into the competition!

 We’re looking forward to going through your submissions! Keep in mind, though, entries are due by April 18th. Have fun, and get creative!