Valentine's Day

The day of love, growing up Valentine’s day wasn’t about dates or romance. In my home, my parents would buy me and my siblings presents. Normally a box of heart chocolates and a stuffed animal. Some of my favorite presents were a pink bear, a bunny in a vest, and a heart shaped box of trollies gummy worms. On better years maybe a toy or headphones, on the bad years the little heart shaped candies. Every year we got something, it was a day of love. As my sister and I grew up my father would start getting us flowers, sometimes a bouquet and others a single rose. When we were younger, balloons. Those nights we would have a special dinner.

Last year my father, being a romantic, bought my mother a giant heart shaped steak. My parents made sure we felt loved, and through the heart breaks of life, we would always have a place of love and warmth that we could go to. Outside of our home there were school parties, we would have fun eating party food and candy. Then we distributed handmade or store-bought valentines to each of our classmates, we couldn’t pick and choose everyone had to receive one as it was only fair. The classrooms would be decorated with dozens of pink and red hearts. We would craft mail boxes out of bags or shoe boxes, for the valentines to go into. We would play games and have a good time all around. Valentines day is one that I look forward too every year.

Normally holidays you go out and visit extended family, but Valentine’s day is just for close friends and family. This closeness is one I treasure and will for years to come. So the saying, “Home is where the heart is” speaks volumes to me on so many levels.