"True Love"

Cowley Student (Vol. 7: 2017)

On this night.

Completely rattle my mind

Like a bullet.

What is this sense of happy?

Will it stay forever?


We will be forever

In love.

We will be happy

All night.

Was that a bullet?

Or just a trick of the mind?


Would you mind

Staying forever?

I would take a bullet

For you, my love.

Let us flee the night.

Let us be happy.


Where is my sense of happy?

Why did I change my mind?

Only this night,

Will last forever.

Can you feel the love,

In the bullet?


In my hand lies a bullet.

Why does it make me happy?

Isn’t this love?

I need to make up my mind.

Can’t this last forever,

Just this night?


On this night,

I load the bullet.

Becoming forever


Have I made up my mind?

Why are you scared, my love?


I said goodbye to my love, on this night.

Making up my mind with a bullet.

Now, I am happy forever.