Tick, Tock: The Biological Clock Beyond Recalibration.

Man sleeping on his homework

A sleep schedule is something sacred; something that no man or beast or even God should disturbed. It is more than sacred, it is a sanctuary to those without an all mighty belief.

It may as well be the belief in peace and harmony, because when people are resting they can do no bad. The college experience dictates that once you enter, you are destined not to get a proper amount of sleep for the entirety while you’re there; they say you must be able to block a schedule and you have to experience all the good that college kids can experience. What you have to learn on your very lonesome, is that you will not meet those standards if you would still like to have any inkling of a social life and/or otherwise be involved in life itself away from the education that you pay for. The reason why college is available is so that people may learn, but you do very little learning in the times that you are preoccupied doing God knows what. Sleep is rarely one of those things.

As a part time student with only around 13 hours, I have been given the mentality by every teaching system since preschool that I have to expect everything to go wrong otherwise the wrong things will happen regardless. So every night, I sit wide awake, wondering what I am forgetting, making both mental and physical check lists on top of the time that I could be sleeping. Assignments pile up in between prioritizing, making an ultimatum between falling asleep or failing. Luckily, many places on campus are very comfortable, though they are not meant to be beds.

Looking for park benches is usually out of the question, as they have soda, poop or ashes scattered across each miniscule inch of it. Instead, game areas are extremely optimal for a hardcore napping session. Regardless of where you do it, be sure to get whatever sleep you can whenever you can!

Among college-aged students, one of the most common causes of daytime sleepiness is sleep deprivation, ie, students get inadequate sleep because they go to bed late and wake up early. This occurs for multiple reasons; some are physiologic and others behavioral. The behavioral components may be particularly problematic on college campuses. However, sleep deprivation is not the only cause of sleepiness as college students are not immune to sleep disorders, which may also cause sleepiness.

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