The Thunder Rocks and the Lightning Rolls

The house felt empty, at least it did at the time. My mother and sister were out of town and my dad was out in the garage, probably tinkering with something.

I sat alone on the back of the couch where your head was supposed to rest. My feet dangled between the couch and the wall. The reason I was sitting like this was so I could look out the window. The protective screen always gave a different view, like I was looking at the world through a fly’s eye.

The clouds above grew dark. It could rain at any moment. The rain always had a calming effect on the Pappan house. Everyone would get quiet and just listen to the rain along with their thoughts. Soon after the rain began to pour down as my dad ran into the house soaking. He dried himself off and then we ate supper. Mac and cheese, my favorite.

As the day ended, the night began. I was sitting on the couch watch wrestling on the TV with my dad as he sat in his favorite chair and ate chips. The rain was still going hard as the thunder sang. The lightning would shine brightly through the window making shadows dance to the thunder. Until finally the power went out.

As a young child, the darkness scared me and I cried. My father came over to me and his presence calmed me. Nothing can hurt me now. The thunder clapped and sang its wild tune while I continued to sob in my father’s arms. My father started to sing “Night Moves” by Bob Segar until I had fallen asleep. My father and I haven’t bonded much in life but music is what keeps us together. 

Cowley Student (Vol. 7 - 2017)