"Steamy Memories"

A 2016 Flash Fiction Contest Winner: Cowley Alumni

Summer stepped out of the shower and grabbed the towel off the hook. She slowly dried herself while looking in the steamy bathroom mirror. Her image was hazy but Summer’s mind wasn’t. She thought back to her days as a young teenager when she was getting ready to meet her boyfriend, Austin. She would start two hours before he was to pick her up, getting showered, primping her long blonde hair into the long curled locks that Austin liked. She’d stand before the mirror naked the entire time until her face was made up to perfection, accenting her large brown eyes, arched eyebrows, thin eyeliner and a touch of eyeshadow to highlight her oval face. Her slightly upturned nose gave her a pixie look that she thought ruined her desire to portray a serious face, but she learned to live with it. She brushed her perfect teeth vigorously for the time it took to sing Happy Birthday twice to herself.

When she was done with her makeup and hygiene, she would then get dressed. She always tried to wear revealing clothes for Austin’s sake, but had to pass her mother’s scrutiny, which kept her out of trouble in the long run. Summer ran her hands over her 83 year old body and reminisced about the times Austin’s hands caressed her and shared whispers of love in her ear. His breath would awaken the inner most feelings of a girl’s desire.

Summer smiled to herself and put her hairbrush through her short gray hair. Arthritis plagued her, as she dressed with the clothes she had lain out on the counter.

“Ready to go, Granny?” came a voice down the hall.

Summer smiled once more, as she traced a heart and arrow in the mirror.