Star Trek's Continuing Influence

Star Trek  Enterprise Battleship

Traveling to other planets may soon be a reality thanks to Star Trek, one of the most influential fictional universes ever created. The hit series that first emerged in the 1960s has given humanity quite a few revolutionary ideas in the way of technology.

Janey Tracy writes in her article for Outer Places titled “How Star Trek is Inspiring NASA’s Journey to Mars,” she details how technology from Star Trek may help solve problems presented as we prepare to travel to other planets in our solar system.

Tracy relays some of what NASA’s Greg Williams has to say on the matter:

“He explained that Mars’ environment has many elements that make it relatively friendly towards life, including frozen water, oxygen in the atmosphere, and manageable amounts of radiation. But there are still many obstacles towards a mission to Mars, and Star Trek may actually help us solve a few of them.”

Two examples were noted in the article. One, a real-life replicator may be invented to provide food through the use of microbes. Second, viewing screens would replace some windows that show the view outside a spacecraft.

I, for one, am thrilled over the possibility that we may be one step closer to achieving Star Trek level advancement in technology.

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