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Editor-in-Chief, Site Administrator: Connor Baxter

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Former Editors (Thank you for all your help): 

(2018-2019): Tieste Williams. 

(2017-2018): Aimee Morgan, JC Pappan, Hannah Lyles

(Fall 2017): Michelle Vishnefske

(Fall 2016) Alysa Parsons, Stephanie Robinson, Jorja Schroeder

(Spring 2016) Cassie Anderson, Lucia Morales, Tim Hardman, Tyler Felt, Courtney Andrews, Christina Leithoff

(Fall 2015) Dallas Shryock, Katlyin Price

(2014-2015) Ian Brannan, Stephanie Bloyer, and Maddie Hale 

(2012-2014) Erica Parent, Zane May, Abigail Rogers, Shannon Mahon, Kyle Guthery

A special thank you to Diana Dicken, the late/great Grant Williams, Jamie York from KanOkla Design Studio, and Mark Dykes