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MMR Staff Editors:

Editor-in-Chief, Site Administrator: Aimee Morgan

Mulvane: Michelle Vishnefske

Ark City: JC Pappan

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Former Editors (Thank you for all your help): 

(Fall 2016) Alysa Parsons, Stephanie Robinson, Jorja Schroeder

(Spring 2016) Cassie Anderson, Lucia Morales, Tim Hardman, Tyler Felt, Courtney Andrews, Christina Leithoff

(Fall 2015) Dallas Shryock, Katlyin Price

(2014-2015) Ian Brannan, Stephanie Bloyer, and Maddie Hale 

(2012-2014) Erica Parent, Zane May, Abigail Rogers, Shannon Mahon, Kyle Guthery

A special thank you to Diana Dicken, the late/great Grant Williams, Ken Burrell and Jamie York from KO Media, and Mark Dykes