The Song Our Soul Must Sing

I define talent as something that someone loves and is good at. Capabilities people can feel resonating in their fingertips and toes; vibrating beneath the bones. It doesn’t have to necessarily be normal or even popular. Two of the greatest things to be passionate about are things that no one thinks about,and stuff that everything thinks about. Although thinking about ideas that are uncommon could be a lonely life, it could also be one full of original thought. On the other side of the fence, if you are enthusiastic about a craft common to everyone is, then you run into the infamous problem: everything has been thought of, you just need to think of it differently.

This is hard, yes, but you have a community that comes in abundance and can help you along the way. Scientists, that we are lacking in, as a society, don’t have that problem. They discover and advance every day. They are the reasons why we change textbooks every year; STEM changes, stories don’t. They stay around forever. When I was in high school I studied these certain books in certain grades. Now the kids after me are studying the same books in the same grades. Science is the only thing that is always evolving.

Whichever way you think of that, the stories we tell are infinite even if our theories become a memory. Even so, people are just drawn to certain things whether it be the arts or the sciences. What we are losing as people is the drive to get to those things. Some people die without finding their talent; the saddest existence because of the lack of life. This pull is what drives us as human beings.

We write our stories in our own ways. Scientists write them in planets and stars. They chart them in waves and graphs. They spread them out in the atmosphere and let them float along the sunshine. Mathematicians write their equations along blackboards and send them across radio waves. Creating functions and formulas to calculate the most basic, and vastly intricate problems of the world. Writers do it differently. They take their blood and tears and stretch them across the hemispheres. Struggles and the most intimate thoughts are out in the open for every living soul to see. Artists draw the most heartwrenching pieces that could take a day or a year to make but still make people feel something. They use their paints and pastels to color the earth their own shades of green and blue. Then put themselves on display trying desperately to get their message out there.

That’s what everyone does really. They just try to get their ideas down and out so everyone can experience and feel the way they feel. All humans want that, really. To relate and feel with each other. This might not make sense but, in the words of our beloved Maya Angelou, “Talent is like electricity. We don’t understand electricity. We use it.”