Sidewalk Chalk 9/17/2019 - Pickup Sticks

Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk Chalk

Volume I: Pickup Sticks

   Authors sure love to talk about the beginning, huh? "In the beginning there was..." What? There was nothing? There was god, explosions, and some nerd standing around arguing the plausibility of it all, of himself even? Maybe. Maybe the beginning never also happened; Maybe the beginning is now, tomorrow, the future yet unseen. Perhaps the beginning will never come to be at all.

Some of you are probably wondering how this is relevant. "Hmm, you know," you wonder aloud, brow furrowed in thought, "this is all very interesting, but what does any of this have to do with a blog named 'Sidewalk chalk'?" Allow me to answer your question; It isn't relevant in the slightest. My massive, undulating 3,000,000 IQ has duped you into contemplating your existence... For absolutely no reason! Muahahaha...


     With my evil machinations met, allow me to push them to the side - For now. Welcome to Sidewalk Chalk! Your weekly source of insight and stupidity brought to you by the beast with the least,(See the pun? GENIUS!!! Give me your money, corporate overlords.) Garrett Gibson! My hobbies include hiking, video games, animals, brooding, streaking in public, plotting world domination... It's a pretty varied list If I do-say-so-myself.

I'll be splitting my efforts here on MMR twofold; I'll, of course, be writing Sidewalk Chalk, which will serve as a creative outlet, a place where I can post my unfiltered thoughts, ramblings, and insane rantings about the world - In other words what I do every day anyway, but in text form - but I'll also be hosting a weekly music review column called EarBud, exploring my favorite artists, albums, and overall genres, and eventually moving out into other topics that I know less about, precisely things that have been recommended to me by readers.. I hope that it will help you, as the reader, to broaden your musical horizons, while simultaneously expanding my own.

Having that said, why Sidewalk Chalk? What does that have to do with my stream of consciousness? Ha - how so very like you to ask me -ME- a question so utterly foolish. I SCOFF and GUFFAW at the very notion.

It sounded good.

     My mind is an enigma, a carbon coalition of chaos, calamity itself. It is the ramblings of the mad, the screams of the innocent, the penis stenciled poorly on the side of the longest train in the world. My mind is the profane writing of a madman, chalked upon the concrete of your soul! 

No, really, I've got nothing. It just sounded good, and I was out of ideas. My only skill is the ability to bullshit my problems away.

Regardless, I think the title works well; It reminds me of how often, when walking around campus, you can find neat little pieces of art, ads, or just random scrawlings in the strangest of places. Likewise, this blog will be all of those things and more. Granted, it loses a little bit of that sense of discovery when you know where to find the blog, but... Whatever.

     Speaking of finding! You can find ME here next week, same time, same place. You KNOW you want to see what sort of insane trash I come up with next, and I KNOW that I have no idea what I'm going to do to fill time. It's a match made in heaven! Or... Purgatory? Meh.



Til' then~

Garrett D. Gibson

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