"Shadows that Move"

A Fall 2018 Contest Winner: Cowley Student

January 13th, 19XX

Finally moved in and unpacked. Took long enough; finding this journal in all the boxes was a nightmare.

The new house is nice enough, I suppose, in a weird kinda way-not that you’ll hear me telling mom or dad that. But maybe they were right; this place can’t be too bad.


January 20th, 19XX

School seemed like it was going to be okay, until they found out about the house we moved in to. After that, everyone gave me a wide berth. I could take it if it was just the typical bullshit; but they kept giving me these pitying looks, which made it way creepier. Must’ve worn off on me; every creek has got me on edge. The parents have even started to notice. Oh well.

January 31st, 19XX

            I don’t think it’s just my imagination. I don’t remember the house being this dark. My parents don’t notice or care, as usual. But something is off. I hear rustling every time I turn off the lights. I keep thinking that something might be outside. I don’t know anymore.

February 7th, 19XX

The tree’s shadow is moving, no matter which direction the sun is facing or what time of day it is. It’s taunting me. My parents have taken notice, and are asking questions, pretending they can help. As if they could. It’s calling to me, after all. I’ll leave an entry open for tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll have answers then.

February 8th, 19XX

F''ve mgepmgah'n'ghft ya.  H''s n'ghft.  Ahehyee epgoka ya.  Y' l' gotha ah na'ah'ehye.  Y' l' gotha ah'mglw'nafh

Notes For All Investigators: These are the entries in the journal of one Jim Hughes, age sixteen. The investigation into his disappearance is ongoing. Mention of a tree is of particular note. It’s a mystery who wrote the final entry; he was last seen February 7th.