Can’t get no satisfaction….

I put so much pressure on myself that I am surprised that I have not already fired myself. I guess a boss never fires the best employee. Internal dialog is a real thing, recently, social media was flabbergasted that it was real. I think they will be shocked to discover that I have a whole crew of workers up in that head. Much like the movie inside-out, I have an entire team that has got it down to a science. It takes all of us to accomplish this thing called life. And each one has a job, So at the end of the day, I am proud of how my team works to make it all go.


Team Ms. Aimee


The Mom: Her job is always keeping the children alive; She manages (sometimes severely) the day to day operations of the children. She doesn’t usually know how many children she will have. Some days she has twosome days six. She is highly skilled at juggling, problem-solving, redirecting, and over-reacting. She is not a morning person; she dreads waking up and wishes no one would speak to her for at least 30 minutes. Responds best to Yes, please, thank you, and silence.


The Wife: She has been MIA since 2011- There is a reward for her- if you have seen her, please call!


The Organizer and Over Thinker:  TO-OT is tenacious and works at a very fast pace. She has ADHD and is best friends with anxiety. The TO (the-organizer) part of her loves taking on projects. She works well independently and in a group as long as everyone listens to her. She is specific about everything and can be considered OCD. The OT (over-thinker) is the other side of the organizer, she loves to involve herself in everything. She is curious and hyper. She loves projects if she doesn’t have to do them. The OT enjoys long social media sessions and loves taking philosophy classes.


The anxiety: anxiety is mainly made of gas and mist, she floats around the room, involving itself in whatever it fancies. Anxiety causes increased tear production, triggers the Over-Thinker, and causes the mom and wife to nag. Anxiety has a significant influence on the maid. It will often cause the maid to become manic and stress about baseboards and clutter.


The Maid: The maid is a lovely woman, she is on-call 24-7. She is often deployed by all the other team members. The mom and anxiety use her most. She makes no salary and often can be observed grumbling about leftover dinner plates, cups, and the non-stop need for the dogs and children to make messes.