The Rut

I am a fierce lover of technology. I spend a significant amount of time on my laptop each day browsing social media, researching for my current literary project, engaging in homework for my classes, including writing blogs like this for Mile Marker Review. I play video games on my Xbox One and Nintendo 3DS, one of my favorite hobbies. I even read books and stories on my tablet, immersing myself in the fictional worlds I love. But sometimes technology can be my creative downfall.

I realized that within the last few years I have been having difficulty putting my thoughts down in a physical form. I’ve used my laptop to convey the story plots I wish to turn into magnificent novels but unable to get past typing up a character description sheet or copying and pasting research into a document to read later. My writer’s block has developed into almost physical form, a wall I cannot climb over or smash my way through. I spend so much time caught up in research and editing my work that I frustrate myself, discarding any progress I make with irritation.

I’ve been taking a journal writing class and while I’m not fond of writing about myself, it did give me an idea that maybe, just maybe, if I stepped away from the computer when it comes to my writing, I could get something done. So, I pulled out the stunning pearly pink fabric-covered journal that my closest friend gifted me for Christmas and started writing. I closed my laptop, set my phone and iPod aside and picked up a pencil, determined to get something, anything down on paper.

And so, I did. I have proudly written a prologue and two chapters of a book I’ve been wanting to write for a little while now, feeling more accomplished when it comes to my writing than I’ve felt in years. I will be using the basis of this story to participate with my classmates in the Camp NaNoWriMo event in April, which I’m looking forward to immensely.