Response to Problem

I spent a lot of my time people watching. I found myself doing this when I was on a long trip in the car, just recently. I looked out the window and took notes on features or clothes or anything interesting.

I then find myself making up lives for these people with only half their faces showing. Sometime during this trip I thought about something I said in my last blog: everything has been thought of, you just need to think of it differently. I thought about how many times I had observed people and made up lives for them from what I interpreted from how they dressed or how their car looked.

And then it hit me. If I can make these stories up about these people then how is everything already written?

I didn’t find the answer until today: It isn’t. Although we all go through the same things, we experience them very differently. I think that’s what some writers have forgotten. Here I’ll give you an example. Almost everyone, at least once, will experience a breakup in their life. This is a sad reality but no one experiences the SAME breakup. The details surrounding the breakup, the day, the time of year. All of these components will make anyone’s’ writing independent.

I suggest to use these elements in your writing. Pull in not only how you felt, but what you saw, the weather, where you were, what you think the other person felt, etc. That way you won’t have to worry about writing something that is mundane and hackneyed.