Publishing in a Literary Magazine

I attended the Nimrod conference in Tulsa, OK, on Saturday, October 19th, and learned a little bit about  publishing through Literary Journals/Magazines.

Let’s say, I had no clue what this meant, but after hearing about it for the first time, I got really interested. So, that’s why today, I will be sharing an article I found about the basics of how to get published in a literary journal. 

At the conference, I heard that the best way to get your work out there is first to get it published in a Literary Journal or Magazine. In the article, Literary Journals & Magazines, on the “Poets & Writers” website, they give brief explanations about what you need to know when going down this particular route. They go over how to find the right Literary Magazine you would want to be published in, submission guidelines, simultaneous submissions, cover letters, as well as giving other resources to help you figure out where to get started. 

“Before beginning the submission process, it is essential to research the market to determine which publications are the best venues for your writing. Your publishing success rests on one axiom: Know your market.”

Along with this advice, I learned that some Literary Magazines and Journals even offer you payment for getting your work published in their venues. 

So, if you have recently been thinking about getting your work published, pop over to this link and give this article a read.