P's and Q's

Have you ever wondered where the term "Mind your P's and Q's" came from? Well in this article, you will learn as close to an answer as we are able to get. No one really knows where it came from but through old text, we can find when the latest date of it was used.

"Here’s an example from 1607: At her p. and q. neither Marchantes Daughter, Aldermans Wife, young country Gentlewoman, nor Courtiers Mistris, can match her."

Not many people used this phrase as much as they used to. I would hear people say this all the time when I was younger, mainly from my grandmother but now, I hear it maybe a handful of times each year. Maybe it's because people don't want to mind their P's and Q's anymore but it's probably just because it's more of an older generation thing.

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