Professional Writing Skills and Why They Matter in Today's Workplace

Recently, I have had to write a few formal things such as letters, emails, and things along those lines rather than what I normally write which is more creatively. I found this article which has a few tips on how to be a better writer and how many people needs these skills for their jobs. Even if you aren't a write and despises people that do it, this can still help you in the long run if you want to move up in your line of work and make your boss choose you for the management position or the raise rather than that annoying co-worker named Greg.

"Be direct. Writing instructors routinely teach that the purpose of the communication be addressed as early in the first paragraph as possible. In email this is even more important because many people use the preview pane to gauge the nature and importance of an email when they may be too busy to read those they think are unimportant or not pertinent."

Take a few minutes to read this. Even if you don't think it will help, you will find yourself thinking back to the tips next time you have to write something for work.

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