The Process of Poetry

As you can tell, I come up with ideas for my posts through my everyday life. Currently, we are in the poetry unit of my Literature class, which means you are going to get a post about poetry. I’m sure there have been other posts about poetry, but I thought this would be a good way to get some ideas for myself and share them with the audience. So here it goes.
Esther Spurrill Jones is a writer for and has been writing poetry for 30 years. In her article, “How To Write a Poem,” Spurrill-Jones lists six helpful tips about writing poetry. One of her tips says that in order to write good poetry, you have to start by reading good poetry. That’s how any writing works. The best writers are always the best readers, as well. My favorite tip of hers is tip number 6:
“Keep writing. The more you write, the better your poems will be. As in everything, practice makes you better. And don’t get discouraged if your earlier attempts are not as good as you hope; keep writing - you will get better.”
To see some of her other tips, click here for the full article!