Popularizing the Fantasy Genre

Lady with a Unicorn

I live for the fantasy genre. I would not be the person I am today if I had not watched Lord of the Rings as a kid. Shy, extremely petite, geeky and awkward, 12-year-old me was afraid of literally (and I mean literally) everything. So when I was introduced to fantasy, it gave me a whole new outlook on life. Every fantasy book I could get my hands on was added to my collection of novels.

Harry Potter, the Abhorsen Trilogy, and yes, even the dreaded Twilight series, anything to distract me from the real world.

What I didn’t realize was just how popular the fantasy genre has become over the past few years. In an article written for The Telegraph titled “The Fantastic Appeal of Fantasy,” Mark Chadbourn notes just why fantasy has become more mainstream than ever.

“The more rational the world gets, with super-science all around us, the more we demand the irrational in our fiction.”

The world has become so overstimulated by technology that it’s sometimes pleasant to step away from the devices and the science and delve into a good old fashion adventure from days gone by.

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