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A 2017 October Contest Winner: Cowley Student

Fear likes to lurk around every corner.

Sitting and waiting, ready to torture.

For fear takes the shape of anything,

A 2017 October Contest Winner: Cowley Alumni

Leaving her granny’s, a little past eight

The full moon was low, Sue knew she was late.

The trail to her home, was distant and dark

A 2017 October Contest Winner: Cowley Student

Onyx night comes and bids your heart to stop

A cackling grin wears you thin to the bone

Blood vessels bulge and sweat drops start to pop

A 2017 October Contest Winner: Cowley Student

The demon hides out of everyone's sight.

Lurking behind the backs of passersby, it rests.

They hide in the darkness and stillness of the night.

A 2017 October Contest Winner: Cowley Student

There is delight in my solitude;

I may walk amongst the pale moonlight

and nary a stranger dare intrude.

Cowley Staff (Vol. 7: 2017)

Her face fell

It might’ve been caused by time,

Cowley Student

Two trains barely breaking

Steam rolling out the smoke stack

The heat is rising from the tracks

Cowley Student (Vol. 7: 2017)

We bleed our words, our thoughts and rage, but the blood isn’t red, it’s ink on a page,

It’s all of my hate, disappointment, hopes and faith,

A release from reality to a world so carefree

Cowley Student (Vol. 7: 2017)


What makes us “different”?

Is it the color of our skin?

Or whether my hair blows with the wind?

Cowley Student (Vol. 7: 2017)

On this night.

Completely rattle my mind

Like a bullet.

What is this sense of happy?

Will it stay forever?


Cowley Students

Arachnophobia” by Aimee Morgan

Cowley VP (Vol. 6 - 2016)

Nineteen floors above the floor of the city,
I sit by the window in a room too dark for reflections,
invisible to the middle-aged man
watching TV two floors above me in the opposite wing.

(Cowley Student: Vol. 6 - 2016)

I heard one man say to the other
“Shoot or be shot”
as he lied down the paper

Shoot or be shot?
maybe that’s true
Bullets may injure
but words do too
Shoot me with your ignorance
and I’ll shoot you

(Cowley Student: Vol. 6 - 2016)

I chose to write “I love you,” but stopped before the why.
“I love,” it wrote, there on the rusted metal bridge.
But did I? Really?
I can’t move myself to finish.

(Cowley Student: Vol. 6 - 2016)

Turn a page and you will see
A land of magic or of mystery.
Epic tales of knights of old
Hidden caves filled with gold.
A dashing hero saves the day
A wily thief slips away.
A pirate on the open seas
A castle shrouded in mystery.