Planet Comicon

Take me to Comic-Con. Every year in Kansas City there is a comic book convention called Planet Comicon. This year I was lucky enough to go for at least one day and let me tell you it was one heck of a day. I started out this journey on Saturday, February 17th, the people I was traveling with gathered together in one vehicle. We drove for three hours making a few stops on the way. We stayed overnight in a small Inn on the outskirts of Kansas City. When we arrived at said Inn, we checked in and headed straight to the pool. Three of us had fake mermaid tails and we each took turns swimming in them. Then we headed off to sleep in preparation for the convention in the morning.

The morning was hectic, most of us didn’t sleep very well and we all were rushing in between rooms getting our costumes ready and repacking our bags. We loaded the car and headed to the convention. We couldn’t find close parking which was usual for the bigger conventions, so we trudged the two blocks in freezing wind. When we arrived at the convention, we split into two groups, those who had purchased their tickets online, and those who hadn’t. We received our tickets and headed up the escalators to the main floor to meet up with the other group. We walked ten feet and was asked to take a picture. Being dressed as Disney princesses will cause you to be stopped multiple times in mere minutes, and I loved every second of it.

I was walking with three other princesses and one prince, and the look on children’s faces when they see you gives you the greatest feeling of joy. I was at the convention to meet my Idols and found the joy of being one myself. Throughout the day we were stopped multiple times for pictures. I met Mark Shepard also known as “The King of Hell” from Supernatural, it was a personal big moment for me. I bought his autograph, went to a few panels, bought quite a bit of merchandise, and left the convention. We stopped for dinner and by the time everyone was home, it was nearly midnight, and I loved every moment of it. I look forward to going back next year!