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MMR Contributors List: Vol. 6 - 2016

2016 Fiction

“America the Beautiful” – Stephanie Robinson (Cowley Student: Vol. 6 - 2016)
“The Stretch” – Victor Olmstead (Cowley Alumni) (Cowley Student: Vol. 6 - 2016)
“You Cared Nothing for Him” - Nancy and Indy Lartey (Cowley Student: Vol. 6 - 2016)
“Charred” – Aimee Morgan (Cowley Student: Vol. 6 - 2016)
“The Lake” – Cassie Anderson (Cowley Student: Vol. 6 - 2016)

2016 Poetry

“Tiny Spaces” – Stephanie Robinson (Cowley Student: Vol. 6 - 2016)
“Gutenberg” – Lucia Morales (photo by Sam Crowl) (Cowley Student: Vol. 6 - 2016)
“In the Night” by Jessica Arroyo (Cowley Student: Vol. 6 - 2016)
“Books” by Maren Zimmerman (Cowley Student: Vol. 6 - 2016)
“Writing I Love” by Tori Mann (photo by Sarah Bryant) (Cowley Student: Vol. 6 - 2016)
“Bullet Point” by Elizabeth Vishnefske (Cowley Student: Vol. 6 - 2016)

2016 Photography

“Bun + Anna = Banana” – Anna Von Hoene (Cowley Student: Vol. 6 - 2016)
“A Walk through a Field” by Maren Zimmerman (Cowley Student: Vol. 6 - 2016)
“Fall Roses” by Sabrina Masters (Cowley Student: Vol. 6 - 2016)
“Girl on Beach” by Aimee Morgan (Cowley Student: Vol. 6 - 2016)
“Bloom Strong” by Marlys Cervantes  (Cowley Staff: Vol. 6 - 2016)
“Leaves and Flowing Water” by Victor Olmstead (Cowley Alumni: Vol. 6 - 2016)

Best of Mile Marker Review Vol. 1


“The Dancing Dragon”—Raphael Biltz - Spring 2011
“The Avoidance of Gamma Rays”—Ryan Doom – Spring 2012
“Whispers in the Wind”—Blaine Wilkey – Spring 2013
“The Old Man and the Girl” – Grant Williams – 2014
“Every Blessed Day”—Travis Truax – Fall 2011
“Infatuation” by Charles Simpson - Spring - 2011
“Uncharted Waters” by Alicia Jones – Spring 2011
“Lonely Ink”—Shannon Mahon – Fall 2011
“Euphoria”—Shina Sawyer – Spring 2012
“A Poem about a Poem”—Kaylene Humphreys – Fall 2012
“The Love Undying” – Ian Brannan – 2014
“Dear Yahoo! Answers and Twitter Thank You” – Dylan Gregor –2015
“Instate 80 West, Pennsylvania, Spring” - Dylan Gregor –2015
“Peaceful Cemetery” by Maribel Ramirez - Spring 2011
“Lightfall”—Mark Flickinger – Spring 2012
“The Id and David Barnes”—Kat Lowe - Spring 2012
“Symmetry”—Kristen Phipps – Fall 2012
“Heartbreaker”—Sam Crowl – Fall 2011
“Donut Bay Dam”—Zane May Spring - 2011
“Red Door”—Liz Shepard – Fall 2011
“Calm Before the Storm” – Autumn Lynn Mumford – Fall 2012
“Peel” – Ryan Doom – Fall 2011

Volume 3, Issue 2, Spring 2013

works by Shaina Sawyer, Kaylene Humphreys, Rita Ann Windle, Emily Barnes 
work by Derek McGrath
works by Shaina Sawyer, Terry Calabrese, 
Blaine Wilkey, Kara Vanderpool, Patrick Barnes, Nubia Jade Brice 
works by Ryan Doom,Marlys Cervantes,
Robyn Hill, Ann Edwards

Volume 3, Issue 1, Fall 2012

works by Shaina Sawyer , Shannon Mahon, Frederick R. McGrath, Grant Williams, Kaylene Humphreys, Keilah Chambers
works  by Shannon Mahon, Levi Strong, Grant Williams, Charity Kester
works by Kristen Phipps
works by Autumn Lynn Mumford, Roy Tannehill, Levi Strong

Volume 2, Issue 2, Spring 2012

works by Grant Williams, Jason Cravens, Shannon Mahon, Shaina Sawyer, Abigail Mettling, Ashleigh Bryan, Adam Hylton, Lyzeth Murillo, Sean Stewart
works by  Ash Midnight [RQ Paine], Zane May, Grant Williams, Elizabeth Thomas, Robin VanDeest, Ryan Doom
works by Marlys Cervantes, Abigail Mettling
works by Jim Ailey, Kat Lowe, Mark Flickinger, Kat Lowe
works by Lynn Mumford, Erica Parent, Liz Shephard,  Rhiannon Rosas, Christopher Bales, David Vega, Wil Austin, Rhiannon Rosas, Marlys Cervantes

Volume 2, Issue 1, Fall 2011


works by Adam Hylton, Shannon Mahon, Alicia Jones, Travis Truax, Charles Simpson, Kat Myers 
works by Hannah Dillard, Grant Williams, Zane May, Indigo Pohlman 
works by Joanna Carson,  Frederick McGrath,  Charles Simpson 
works by Zane May, Erica Parent
works by Marlys Cervantes, Steve Nelson, Erica Parent, Liz Shepard, Will Austin

Volume 1, Issue 1, Spring 2011

works by Charles Simpson, Raphael Biltz, 
Amy Smith
works by Alicia Jones, Kat Myers, Charles Simpson, Jessica Dyer
works by Maribel Ramirez
works by Steven Nelson, Lacie Gaskill,
Zane May, Marlys