Onu's Dream

When I took Marlys Cervantes’s creative writing class, I found that I exceled at most of the writing prompts I was asked to complete. I knocked out short stories, long stories, everything in between. But when we hit the poetry block, I was worried. I wasn’t the best with poetry, and I feared that I wasn’t smart enough or creative enough to write a decent poem. I tried and tried to think of an idea, but nothing came. Until one night as I lay awake, I began to think of the things I have created. Previous works, characters I had created, worlds sprung forth from my mind. Then it hit me. What if I take a concept I knew and loved, and wrote a poem on it. “I am a genius.” I thought to myself. So I sat down, and wrote every world and character that I had created onto a piece of paper. And after a few minutes. I had my idea all fleshed out. A character that I had created with a tragic past and unknown future, Onu.

Much of Onu’s past is shrouded in mystery to many people, myself included. However, what I do know is this. Once upon a time, Onu lived a normal quiet live with his family, when one day, it was all turned upside down by alien beings called the Scions. The Scions lived in a sort of dream realm, a place born and made of the thoughts, memories and dreams of humans. Unfortunately, the Scions were suffering from a resource crisis as they began to advance in technology, culture and population. So to solve this, they regularly kidnapped humans to use as batteries to sustain the Dream Realm. Things were going well, until one day, they stumbled upon Onu. They sensed that Onu had the capability to power the entire realm all by himself, and so they took him, and trapped him in an illusion to keep his mind busy and dreaming. Until one day, when he realized what had happened and broke free of the illusion. Now he wanders the realm of dreams, endlessly searching for a way home.

This is the beginning of Onu’s journey, and while I didn’t have the time, or scope of mind, to capture it all, I did focus on a part of his journey that I had paid little thought to, the illusion he was trapped in. So I thought and thought, and eventually came up with a scenario that I liked it. Then, it was time to write. And for one of my first goes, it was a pretty good poem. It flowed well, told a good story, and met and exceeded my own expectations. I felt confidant in myself, a very rare feeling for me due to my low self-esteem, and I grew to love writing poem’s.  Now I’m writing sonnets, and trilowets, gazets and limericks, and many other poems that I grew to love. All thanks to Onu’s and his dream.