Not Yet Forgotten

The internet is often described as a rabbit hole. While it can be a waste of time, discovering odd and interesting parts of the world is one of the benefits. In searching the internet for an article on a completely different subject I came across an old electronic musical instrument. You may have come across the strange instrument that is the ondes Martenot without even knowing it. The sound that it creates is otherworldly. It may not be popular, but for those who love the ondes Martenot and use it to create music, it serves as a unique tool.

I am not myself a musician, but I do love seeing those who are use almost forgotten avenues of their craft. Pairing the old with the new and creating layers of sound allows for an evolution that is necessary in any creative field. Musicians build on the past while forging new paths. I am in awe at what some people can do with a few musical ingredients. The magic of music to me remains a mystery. A magic I love to indulge in, but have yet to capture for my own use.

So, enjoy the complex and eerie sounds of this rare music. I will be off in the land of Youtube doing just that. 

Olivier Messiaen, who did more than any other composer to ensure its longevity, was enamoured with its versatility and emotional range: he saw it as offering an “extra-terrestrial, enchanted voice”. More recently, it has become a favourite of Jonny Greenwood, the Radiohead guitarist.

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For a taste of the sound, enjoy Radiohead using it in their song “How to Disappear Completely.”