"Night Terror"

A 2016 Flash Fiction Contest Winner: Cowley Student

I laid staring at the ceiling, my mind fully awake, which meant another long sleepless night, a sigh passes through my lips.  I closed my eyes hoping sleep would come when a soft creaking sound broke through the silence of the room, I felt my heart stop as my eyes snapped open and looked towards the door. It was still closed. I must have imagined it, I thought as I closed my eyes.

That is when I heard the shuffle of feet sliding across the wooden floor. My eyes snapped open and strained to the spot where I thought the noises had come from. That is when I saw it, something moving in the shadows, cold and without form, gliding closer to me.

I held my breath as the creature got nearer to my bedside; I felt my heart pound loudly against my chest as the form drew closer. I watched in terror as the thing stopped by my bed. The thing was all black with a white mask with no nose or mouth. Two black pits took the place of its eyes, pits that stared at me. Fear filled me as its face moved closer to mine. Sound disappearing into its lifeless gaze. I tried to move but my limbs would not respond, I tried to scream but my voice would not come.

As panic laced my being, the mask cracked open to bear its pointed teeth. Black ooze slid from the things black holes, which served for eyes, and dripped on to my face. My heart beat franticly in my chest as I managed to let loose a scream of pure terror, I quickly sat up in bed, panting and wet with sweat.

My parents burst into my room, asking, “What’s wrong?”

Tears burned down my cheeks; my mind was blank with dread as to what had just happened. I was so shaken I could not speak. My mother looked worried as my dad closed the window.