More Than One Type of Photo

Currently, I am in a photography class, and I’ve been struggling to come up with creative ideas for my shots. Then I thought, why not kill two birds with one stone and write my article post about creative photography shots while getting some good ideas to try. 

After looking at various websites, I decided to go with an article I found on a photography blog titled, “19 Photoshoot Ideas to Immediately Improve Your Photography Skills”. Now, you may think 19 ideas is a lot, but the beauty of ideas is you  don’t have to use all of them. With the way author, Sarah Rodriguez-Martinez formatted her article, she introduced each idea with photo examples and brief explanations. For example, option 2 in the article is “Freeze a Water Drop,” and for the description, it is a shortlist of simple instructions to follow in order to capture a picture of a water drop. One of my favorite ideas from the article is “Play With the Shadows.” It explains how you should see how the shadows in your photo affect the mood of the photo. Overall, the message of the blog is to experiment and have fun. 

“Discover 19 photoshoot ideas–all designed to help you get creative with your photos. Pick an idea, find your subjects, and have fun experimenting!”

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