MMR Three Sentence Halloween Stories Winners - Fall 2016

Cowley Students

Haunted” by Daltin Brock

They are everywhere and nowhere, yet they follow me wherever I go. They whisper to me at night, their words full of emptiness, rage and despair. So I watch my door, for fear that it might decide to open on its own.


"Monster" by Tressa Wells

I saw a monster outside my house. It just came inside. Now I can’t find my child.


In the Dark” by Katie Rethmeier

An unearthly growl breaks the silence of the dark void; I place my hands tight on my month to keep myself from screaming. The sounds of its footsteps creep close to me, tears blur my vision as panic sets in. I reach out and flip on the light, then quickly scan the room only to find the curtains flapping in the breeze.