MMR Halloween Poems - Fall 2016 Winners

Cowley Students

Arachnophobia” by Aimee Morgan

I took a sip of Cola in the car And a strange tickle on my tongue Made me hold my mouth ajar I spit my drink on the asphalt It’s fizziness bubbling on the tar What I saw caused me to halt A spider floundered on the black And I felt the urge to yack Soap has never tasted so great When you’ve almost ate the thing you hate


Promises, Promises” by Bryon Bush

I swore to her that I’d never take it off …but I can feel its teeth sinking deeper. Its eating me alive Someone, help me


Jekyll and Hyde” by Tressa Wells

His Name was Jekyll and Hyde For fun, he would peel off your hide. He would kill you in peace But when chased by police. He ran to the roof, jumped off, and died.