The L.O.C Foundation

It's no secret among my friends and family that I am an avid fanfiction reader and writer. I love the stories that I experience, and always wanted to contribute my own works to the mix. To see something that I created spark the same joy that I feel when I read something I love. But my first works were rather...dull. I wasn't a great writer at the time, i mostly just tried to write out the fantasy's in my head and not give a crap about grammar and coherent plot. Ya know, important stuff. But mostly, I continued to read, rather than flex my writing muscles. Then, a few years after i entered the writing scene, I was reading a story that i liked, when the author posted an Authors note at the bottom of the page, no uncommon among authors of FanFiction to do. In the note, he said that he needs our help.  He provided link In his authors note and desperate to help one of my favorite publishers, I clicked.

                Now I should probably explain a few things here. Forge Fiction, the site I am about to talk about, doesn’t work like other publishing sites. Its not a get you story done `and click publish. Forgefiction is a community driven site, and thus every story is written as a group. Site members write a chapter for their favorite story, and post it. Then they must compete with others who also submitted chapters. You only have a few days or weeks to write a chapter, a period known as the “Submission Period” Once the submission time runs out, the Voting Phase begins. Members have 24 hours to vote for their favorite chapter before the winner is added to the story and made cannon. When the author has a chapter published in a story, when the story finally ends, it will get published onto Forge Fictions product site. Once on site, any money the book earns is split up among, the site, the author and every person who wrote a chapter. If the average book has about 100 chapters, and if the book costs about 10 dollars, and we take away the bonus revenue that the site and author get, then if you have published 10 chapters, you would get 1 dollar per chapter. That’s not a bad deal, and I was instantly hooked on the site when I found out about it.

                So what do I do next? I looked for the book that I tried to click on earlier, and eventually found it.


Last Observed Coordinates

A book not too dissimilar to SCP in concept, where a group of people try to deal with and catalog various Monsters and Phenomenon. However, unlike SCP, who contains the things they find, the monsters of LOC are still out there, dangerous and on the loose. Still a threat to the world. Its less about the scientific reports and more about the actual story. L.O.C is still a “chapters are standalone narratives” but there are still larger narratives being crafted behind the scenes. L.O.C has become a project that I enjoy participating in, and one that has gotten me many new friends that I can work with. I highly recommend Forgefiction to any aspiring writer that wants to write with other people.