"Little Rodent Man/Little Mouse Man"

A 2020 October Contest Winner: Cowley Student

"Little Rodent Man"

Little rodent man, why are you so down?

Your nose twitches, your eyes grow red, your teeth so yellow,

But your fur is still styled with grease, your jacket is still of leather,

You’ve still got it, little rodent man!


When no one is watching, you wash those dirty paws of yours.

You grab at your tail and anxiously hold onto it, cling onto it,

You squeak quietly to yourself, almost sporadically


Little rodent man, are you okay?

You take off your leather jacket frantically,

Your shaky paws grab at your drink, you

Sniff, sniff, sniff

Then squeal.


Little rodent man, your drink is all over the floor!

Little rodent man, your mouth foams!

Little rodent man, your body

Twitches, jerks, shudders,

Little rodent man, your jaw nearly unhinges as you struggle for air!


Little rodent man, who did this to you?

Who poisoned the rat?

Why did the little mouse look at you like that?

What did you do to him?

Who did this to you?


When no one is watching, they toss your body into the street.

You don’t flinch when you hit the ground, you’re so stiff.

Little rodent man, have you ever been at peace before?

Lying there stiff, dirty, disgusting, you almost look



"Little Mouse Man"

Little mouse man, what do you see?

Your eyes, so red, so bloody; but it’s just a color.

Your fur, so white, so pure; but it’s just a color.

It isn’t deeper than that, so you squeak.


Little mouse man, where’s your little top hat?

You dress accordingly, even your pink tail just



Little mouse man, you’re too polite.

You squeak to all; even the greasy, stained rat,

Who is in the corner of the room.



Little mouse man, you hang out with that


A lot.


Little mouse man, what are your


With him?


Little mouse man, you’ve got it easy,

You watch the rat with such

Small, red eyes,

And such,

Smooth, sleet fur,

And offer him a drink from such a




Little mouse man, you’re too kind.

Your drink, fizzy, bubbly,

His drink, fizzy, bubbly,

Your drink, pure,

His drink, bloody


His drink, fizzy, bubbly, on the


His mouth,




Little mouse man, you’re better than this.

Little mouse man, in the street, does the rat look at peace?

Still, silent, calm.

You look peaceful, too,

Still, silent, screaming.