Lets Write A Detective Novel

A detective looking at a magnifying glass

Everyone loves a good detective story. They are full of action and nail-bitting clues, but how does one go about writing the perfect detective novel. 

When writing a detective novel you need to have a clear and detailed outline. You don't want to get all your clues and characters jumbled up. Its good to be orangized before actually sitting down and writing.

Once you have a basic plot outline written, you should start working on the characters. Backstories are a big talking point in most mystory novels, so make sure your characters have well thought and intriguing backstories.

The rest is just adding clues and building a good mystery. Here's an expert from an article by Freelance Writing.

Some suspense can be built while writing a detective novel where the detective has to make a difficult choice in pursuing one trail even though the other trail is equally probable. The novel should be written in such a manner that the reader is eager to turn the next page. This forms the backbone of detective novels

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