"The Legend of the Great Noodle War of 2016"

A 2016 Flash Fiction Contest Winner: Cowley Student

Once upon a time, in a kitchen just down the street, an epic battle was waged. A once proud race of noodles had been divided into two: the Elbowians and the Shell-Soldiers.

The noodles had been united in harmony, but a cataclysmic event had divided the races; soon, Elbowians were accusing the Shells of murder, Shells were calling libel and slander, and the whole kitchen rang with the shouts and cries of angry noodles. The once peaceful cooking area soon devolved into a flour-strewn battlefield, with both sides attacking each other and the surrounding food groups with equal fervor. The Spaghetalians, Plantarians, and Meatarans were caught in a violent crossfire between the sides, and they looked desperately for a savior to end

He was a stern fish, a native of the Living Area Bay, and had a long history of battles, showdowns, and jousting tournaments. It was said that he never rested, and that his large eyes kept him diligent in his tasks, day and night. Some said he only had to gaze into your eyes and you would turn to stone with fear. The most promising legend, however, was that he had stopped no less than four wars by simply swimming down No Man’s Land. It was this story that the Kitchen inhabitants clung to. The pleaded with the mighty fish knight, “Save us! Save us!” After much begging, crying and offerings of fish food, the fish finally agreed silently. He swam through air to the battlefield, and swam down the length of No Noodle’s Land, instantly ending the fighting. He sat the leaders of each side down in a meeting to talk things over, finally leading the two sides to an apology. Thus ended the Great Noodle War of 2016, and since that day Sir Violance Bugsalot has been revered as a great hero among the Kitchen inhabitants.