"Late for Work"

A Fall 2018 Contest Winner: Cowley Student

I woke up from the blinding sun flashing in between shadow’s passing my window, thinking "what the …”

In disbelief rubbing my eyes, a six-foot-tall shadow had stopped as if it was looking in my room. Rubbing my eyes again it was gone, they were all gone, maybe I was dreaming. Then the shock of being late set in, my alarm never went off this morning! Rushing I throw on my clothes, grab some coffee, and head out the door… only for my car not to start. Cursing up a storm, I see a man in a truck in the parking lot of my complex, leaving my door open I run to get his attention before he drives away. Being optimistic, I was so glad to find someone to jump my car so quickly.

I was off to work finally… looking up to not let the late start destroy this day, and ignoring my gut feeling of something being off, I blamed the feeling on waking up late. There was this sound of heavy breathing, quickly I look behind in the back seat; no one is there. To hear better, I turned the radio off, and the sound disappeared. I thought to myself, “It was just the radio.”

Finally, at work, I hear the breathing again while parking. “Screw the radio today!” I said to myself as I bent over the armrest for my bag, radio off; the breathing was still there. Slowly, I look behind me and see a tall man coming up from the backseat floorboard. Before I could do anything, I felt the metal blade across my neck, and the heaving breathing on my neck as said, “I knew you were the one, from when I saw you asleep in your bed. Sweet dreams…”