Just Write

An anonymous quote I found read, “Today – I will. Tomorrow – I will. There is no muse. There is only me, and what I do or do not do.” I think this applies to writing in many ways. We always tell ourselves when and what we’re going to write, if you’re anything like myself. Also if you’re anything like myself, you know this doesn’t work. Any time I set aside a time for myself to write, I feel forced. I feel pressured, I feel like I can’t do it.
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However, if you’re anything like me, writing at the spur of the moment is best. I like quiet, sunny mornings. I guess what I’m trying to say is the quote explains my thoughts, I have no muse. I only write when I write. It’s what I do and I only do it when I sit down and do it. We only do things as humans when we just do them. I feel like this applies to anything creative quite a bit. Nothing creative will ever get done until we wait until we’re ready. Creativity isn’t something that just happens, but something we develop. We have no muse. We do things when we do them. And as Nike says, we need to “just do it” more often.

It’s hard to just do it though, and it’s hard to do something without a muse. As human beings we naturally take in our surroundings. As writers and artists we take our surroundings and use them as inspiration, or in other words, a muse. We draw inspiration from our environment because it’s what we do. We hear sounds: the wind in the trees, the clicks of keyboards around us, birds chirping. We see people, we watch people. Writers are famous for people watching. It’s what we do. That’s another place we draw inspiration from. So how is it we can just do things, and not use inspiration for them? This connects back to us just telling ourselves that we need to do something, and at the spur of the moment is best. Things only happen when we simply do them. And if you’re anything like me, I don’t even think about inspiration when this happens.

Why don’t I think about things that inspire me? It just happens that way, honestly. When I write, I just absorb my surroundings, but they don’t affect me. When I write, I do just that. I turn on autopilot and the only thing that matters are the letter keys in front me. The black and the white is the only thing I see, and I watch the document fill with words. I don’t have a muse in these times. In these times there is just doing, and we as human beings are the ones in control. We are in control of what we do, how we think, how we speak and what we write. We are in control of if we have a muse or not, and we are in control of that muse if we decide to have one.