An Island Gyal Livin' in the USA - Introduction

I never imagined being here in this moment right now. I always thought I'd live most of my life on the beaches soaking up the blazing sun while watching the crystal clear waves of the Bahama waters splash on the coast with a strawberry daiquiri

in my hand, but I guess God had another plan. If you didn't already assume, I'm from the Bahamas. I live where you dream of vacationing. In the Bahamas, it's practically summer all year round, excluding the abridged winter season we have (winter in

the Bahamas is like 70 degrees). The beach is probably like a mile from my house, the people are amiable and loving, the weather is beautiful, most of the time, and the food, especially the seafood, is out of this world. I moved to Ark City in August of 

2018, and my life has changed forever. I didn't realize I left so many intangible treasures behind until my first few months here.

Island life is not exactly what people think or what is advertised in the media. Yes, there's lots of beaches, a beautiful topography of the island, excursions, and a great nightlife. But there is so much more. The history of the Bahamas in itself still makes 

it one of the most unique undiscovered (by many) and unspoiled element of the Caribbean. Having that said, let me get this out of the way. We don't live in huts. We don't ride dolphins or boats to school. We have cable and smartphones. Living in the

Bahamas can be similar to living in the USA. Still, our world-renown and impeccable island beauty and a lot fewer resources make us different (obviously and a lot more). Through this blog, I will take you on an adventure to the island of the Bahamas.

We will dig a little deeper. We will dig deep into the history, native things, and all of the commodities that make the Bahamas the Bahamas.