Irritation That Inspires

I feel myself writing the most when I’m not happy. I know this sounds crazy, but it is absolutely true. I write the most when I’m feeling sad, anxious, or even furious. The last thing I want to do when I’m happy is writing. I just feel like sometimes artwork doesn’t come out of happiness.

And honestly, it’s all genres of writing. I’ve never met a happy poet. Now, I’ve heard happy poetry on occasion, but it’s very rare and the poet is typically still a bit-less-than-happy person. Personally my happy poetry is still just neutral, and it’s usually just haikus appreciating the little things (laughs). I’m not trying to generalize; it’s just my nineteen years of experience speaking.

When we’re writing about something we’re upset about, it’s usually easier for us to spit out words, because if we’re upset about it it is probably something close to our hearts. I know when I’m writing about something that upsets me or makes me sad; I’m usually passionate about the topic. I.e., animals, women’s rights, people who aren’t proactive about their problems, me not being proactive about my problems thus me being upset that I’m a hypocrite, etc, etc. I’m just saying it’s human for us to get started on something we’re passionate about, passionate with any emotion.

I know when I’m miserable I just want to write terrible, angsty poetry. When I’m feeling angry I just want to put together well-written rants, but what do I write when I’m happy? Even when I’m writing for me, even when I’m writing for fun, emotion is the primary driver for me. And I mean the absence of a happy emotion most of the time. Irritation inspires me. I don’t want to write when I’m happy. I want to jump and dance and squeal when I’m happy. When I’m feeling anything else I just want to let that emotion out, and my default medium is paper and pen, or a keyboard and screen.

I’m not even sure if I’m the only one who is like this, but I really wanted to focus on my irritations that inspire me. Because they do, everything that isn’t happy inspires me. It might sound incredibly morbid but pain and trauma and melancholy feelings inspire me. Especially with poetry, which for the past year is the genre I like to indulge myself in the most.

As I was saying, loads of writers base their writing off of experience and pain. It’s what makes a story, just as challenges form our lives. Without challenge in our life we get stagnant as human beings. Without challenges or plot points in our writing our writing gets bland and brushed over like yesterday’s salad still in the fridge. It’s not only necessary for us to have challenge for us to grow, but also to keep the spark in our writing, to keep our readers interested. This spark is needed to even keep ourselves interested. Spark is what writing is about, and spark is fueled by passion.