An Introduction

Greeting’s readers of Mile Marker Review, I’m Hannah Lyles, a writer for MMR.

I am a sophomore at Cowley College and the President of Creative Claws, the creative writing club of Cowley. I’m honored to be given this position and will do my best to be a worthy leader. But as a President, I feel the need to do a little advertising so bear with me. On October Sixteenth the Creative Claws Club is hosting a Talent Show featuring the students of Cowley College. It is at Seven p.m. in the Brown Center Theater in Ark City. Later that month on the Thirtieth we will be having a Writer’s Corner in the Galle Johnson Band room at seven p.m. that night.

With that out of the way, let me tell you a little more about myself. Some of my passions are reading books, watching movies, designing dresses, and most importantly, creating stories. My favorite thing in the world is to write tales full of magic and wonder. To make characters that a person can relate to and care about. I am a weaver of words, a teller of tales, and I do it with great pleasure and joy. My second favorite thing is to get sucked into a book. To be so involved that I’ve stopped reading and started playing the scenes in my mind, to watch it unfold in front of me in the short hours before dawn. I hope that one day someone will read my books like that, to be unable to put them down until it’s finished. But until then I will continue to write in between classes, after work, and all the spare minutes between.

I started on the journey to become a writer in middle school. I would spend hours upon hours reading various books, starting in my middle school library. Before long they ran out of books that interested me, and I descended on the Mulvane library, next to the Derby one, until I finally went all the way to Wichita to quench my thirst.  Reading all of them started to give me idea’s; what would I want to read? I started creating stories in my mind, with elaborate schemes, and daring romances. I then told these story ideas to my mother and other family members. My mother told me I needed to start writing them down, so I wouldn’t forget anything. This started my craze. I filled notebooks upon notebooks full of story starter’s, never quite finishing them up. But I had the desire to.

The characters in my stories became real to me, I wasn’t creating their world anymore, I was observing and documenting their lives and writing their biographies. Their stories play out in my head like an ever-changing movie. I learn new things about them all the time, and it would change the way I see their stories about how they relate to someone else, how it might change them. I want to share their stories, and this is why I write.