Inspirational Poem Writing

What gets you feeling inspirational? Believe it or not, most of our inspiration comes from the most random things we see in life. 

In an article published on the Poetry Foundation website, FAQs: How Do You Get Started With a Poem? Do You Start With an Idea or Just Start Writing? By Camille Dungy, she writes about some of her own experiences with finding inspiration for poetry writing. She starts with herthoughts about nostalgia, which I know I can relate too, as well as many others. How one thought leads to another and another. And after lining out a plethora of thoughts, she would write a poem. 

Of course, she does also explain how all of those details and thoughts might end up written in your first poem, but that doesn't mean they will end up staying there, which is okay. 

"Poems happen asymmetrically, non linearly, and usually without plan. Poems are not prescriptive, even when their prompts are...I don't write set forms because I know what will come of the experiment. I'm after just the opposite effect."
Now, after looking at all of her advice and ways to get inspiration, I have more insight about poem writing. (Which is much needed for me because I suck at writing poems). But I recommend giving this article a read, especially for those who need some extra help for writing poems like me.