Inspiration for Rogues

I guess it would be fair to start this off by saying that I may have a problem.

A problem being that I like thieves a lot more than I probably should, by rights. Or stories of theft, to be more precise.

My greatest defense is that I’m not alone, however. Randomly press buttons in your search browser and eventually you’ll find a website devoted to stories of thieves that try, just, WAY too hard.

On that note, I think it’s high time I point you towards the article, “5 Unstealable Things People Actually Stole”, over at our old friend The Modern Rogue. It talks about a series of ridiculous burglaries, that are as stupid as they are astounding, and should be just what you’re looking for if you’re writing about a quirky, likeable rogue.

It’ll help you find the weird characteristics and desires you can give a character to make them relatable, and give you ideas for your own life goals, to boot. After all, sometimes the people that, by rights, you shouldn’t support are the ones you can’t help but love:

“On one hand, you really don’t want someone breaking into your house and stealing all of your pants. On the other, Hollywood makes like 10 Robin Hood movies every single year because he was a fun, heroic thief we can all respect.

To read more about my life goals, you can find the article here