I Think I'm Ready

The school year is ending and in a month I will be graduating from Cowley County Community College. Wow! It's very weird to read that. I'd like to say that I'm ready, but honestly, I'm not sure. There are so many things that are going to change over the next couple of years. I will be attending a different school with different people with possibly much more difficult courses. I'm going to miss Cowley and I know I'm going to miss seeing the many friends that I have made here along the way even more.

Ever since I was a kid, my mother always told me I should go to college. It wasn't a requirement, but it was highly suggested. But my father took a different approach. He told me to do what I wanted and what would make me happy. Moment of honesty here, if I hadn't gotten the scholarship that I did, I wouldn't have even gone to college. All I wanted to do after high school was go back. I missed being in that tight-knit community seeing my friends every day and going home just to do what I wanted not worrying about anything besides what I wanted to. But I'm glad I went to Cowley. 

At Cowley, I studied Creative Writing. When I was a kid, I would write little stories, mainly parodies of movies I liked but a few were original ideas. During high school, I wrote my first novel. It was kind of dumb and had to do with zombies, but it was the world to me. I shared it with all my friends and even started to pass it around at my high school. Everyone loved it even though it was probably the worst writing I have ever done. But what I didn't realize was that I could make writing more than just a way to pass the time in class. I could do it as a career. So I tried for a creative writing scholarship and I got it.

Ever since then, writing has consumed my life and I honestly love it. Reading can still be a pain sometimes, but writing will never get old because there are so many things to do with it. I can write about political issues, about my life, about stories I have heard, stories I make up, and I can even write about how I think I'm ready to leave Cowley.

So, am I ready? I might not be but who cares. I wasn't ready to leave high school or grow up and I did a lot of that over the last two years. What I do know is that I'm ready to take writing more seriously and try my best to get a job where I get paid to do my favorite thing. All I can say is that I hope everyone I shared this wonderful first two years of college with finds a career they enjoy so they can feel what I feel when I write.