"I Am From"

Cowley Student (Vol. 8: 2019)

I am from seed. I am from womb. I am from the ashes, dust, and moon.

I am from immigrants and the American dream. from a military man who expected everything clean.

I am from the hopes of a child.  The dreams of her youth. The promise of forever, praying it was the truth.

I am from sadness, I am from stress; That does not mean, I am less.  

I am from Trauma, I am from poor; I am from hiding behind the door.

I am from strong women, and week angry men. But this is now and that was then.


Today my life is much more fun.  Full of family, my wife, and sons.

I am from a life that I can now call my own. A family, a home, in a world way  outside my own.

I am from my tenacity and inability to quit. Don’t worry,  I can take a hit.

I am from my laughter, kindness, and a big heart above all. Where everyone is welcome, come one come all.

My trauma my pain, it always remains;  But there have been so many more gains.