How to write A step by step guide to completing a writing project… or how not to...


  1. Stare blankly at the screen, having obtained a cozy space and all needed supplies to complete the writing project.
  2.  Pet the cat who has joined, by standing on top of the writing space- mewing for attention.
  3. Pick up phone, check notifications… No new email… why am I wasting time? 
  4. Pick up desk- work on to-do list, schedule, email. Procrastinate. No inspiration is coming 
  5. Doodle on the back of the Gas bill, finding a playlist. 
  6. Check specifications of writing project.
  7. Stare Blankley at screen.
  8. Dog barks, Amazon shipment arrives. Open the package: new socks! Yay
  9. Dog now on high alert- barks for 20 minutes at nothing.
  10. Write about dog barking.
  11. Delete writing about dog barking
  12. Stare blankly at screen
  13. Write ramblings
  14. Stumble- Backspace- Stumble- Backspace
  15.  Take a break- Make a sandwich- Get a drink
  16.  Inspiration strikes! Mind rolls, it clicks. That’s it!
  17. Trip on shoes, spill the drink. Must get back, must write
  18. The tap opens, and the words flow.
  19. Click- Clack a steady stream, it slows and stops.
  20. Stare Blankley at the screen.