How to Write a First-Class Paper

Writing papers for class can be hard even if you write daily. I typically write 2000 words a day, but when it comes to writing a paper for class, sometimes it takes me a few hours to even get started because I'm not writing for myself, I'm writing for my professors and for my grades. I found this article and found that its tips were very helpful. I especially liked her first tip which was "Keep your message clear." When I write, I tend to go off into different things that are pointless and then I try to connect it back to what I'm trying to talk about. Stating what you are talking about in your paper is a basic necessity for writing a great paper.

"Think about the message you want to give to readers. If that is not clear, misinterpretations may arise later. And a clear message is even more important when there is a multidisciplinary group of authors, which is increasingly common."

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