How to Become a Comic Book Writer

Becoming a comic book writer is hard.

Nothing about writing comics is easy. The competition is excellent, and the amount of people wanting to work on the same project is in the thousands. Although becoming a comic book writer is hard. If you follow these four steps or guidelines, your road to success and publification will be less rocky. 

Step one: Write. Put your pen to paper and create another world. Don't only write when you feel like it. Write every day and have a routine. 

Step two: Finish What You Write. If you don't finish what you write, then you don't have a story. If you don't have a story, you have nothing to show to the publishers.

Step three: Don't Fear Failure. Everyone in the comic industry fails at least once if not a hundred times. The truth of the matter is, not a lot of people are chosen to write comics. Be prepared for people to tell you no. 

Finally, step four: Attend comic cons. Let your presence be known. Tell people about your writing. Introduce yourself to influencers in that specific Fandom. 

In a article, Ben McCool says, 

how do you get involved? Simple. Start writing. The moment you do? Congrats! You're a writer. Not necessarily a professional (AKA paid) writer just yet, but a writer nonetheless. And that's a BIG first step.

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