Hello World

Hello, all. My name is Connor Baxter, and since someone made the incredibly poor choice of letting me have website privileges, everyone is going to have to deal with me for quite a while.

I am a creative writing major sporting an unhealthy obsession with fire. At multiple times throughout my life I have bowed to fireworks, making everyone on my block profoundly uncomfortable. My favorite subjects to write about are murder and mayhem respectively, with a focus on fantasy.

My love for writing started when I was a kid and realized that a good way to force people to listen to me was to make it sound like it was a story that I had spent a lot of time writing. I have taken that knowledge through to today, where you can find me at the writing meetings in Ark City. There, I force people to listen to what a terrible child I was, along with multiple stories involving dead wives-and I’m still trying to decide how I feel about that one.

I was born in Wichita and raised in Derby, and have done my level best to worsen the lives of all people that live anywhere nearby. From the hole in my backyard caused by my grand expedition in pursuit of gems to the numerous psychological scars inflicted on the other children in the neighborhood, I have endeavored to make everyone’s lives more interesting.

Years later, I went to school in Derby and quickly found a group of like-minded psychopaths. We immediately set about changing the world by inserting angst into every conversation and writing overly dark poetry, while bragging about our terrible taste in music.

After somehow tricking my teachers into letting me graduate, I was set loose on the world. I began my plans of world domination by getting a retail job, where I would easily bend the will of customers to join my cult. I have reached moderate success, as my cats seem to really like me. I took a couple gap years before going to college with the intention of swelling my ranks, but decided a college education might make that endeavor easier.

After a year in Cowley, I have managed to insert myself into the social interactions of the many people here. It took some effort, but I’ve even managed to convince some people that I’m a decent human being. Now my writings have been tied into many of the different creative outlets in the school. From presentations at writers corner to creative writing classes, I have fed my work into the general population.

Now that I have been chosen as a writer for Mile Marker Review, nothing can prevent my work from inserting itself into the mind of the school. Slowly but surely, I force my will deep into the minds and hearts of those that read. I shall build my following. And you will be one of my loyal subjects.

Arise, my children. We shall control this school. And later…the world.