Health Benefits to Being Creative

Are there health benefits to being creative? I believe so and here's the proof. When I go on a writing binge, where I write for a certain amount each day for at least a few months without taking a day off, I notice that my thinking feels clearer as if the fog in my head that tends to cover the sun disappears for a while giving me my best potential to solve problems and come up with original and interesting ideas both for writing and just my daily life. But it doesn't work with just writing. The benefits can be with anything creative from writing, reading, art, music, etc. 

In this article, you will learn how being creative will help your brain, mental health, and even your physical health.

"A number of studies have also found that writing — expressive writing, in particular, which requires participants to narrate an event and explain how it affected them — can help people to overcome trauma and manage negative emotions."

In many of my writings, I have used my real life stories which have helped me get over some things or see it from different perspectives (not that I have many traumatic experiences). Writing down your feelings have been helping people annalize and get over things since the cavemen who used chalk on the cave walls to tell stories.

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