Halloween is coming up and that means that we are all going to see more clowns and maybe a few other monsters that make us shiver. October is the one month that I look normal for having more than the average amount of horror movies and books in an everyday household. Ever since I was little, I always loved being scared and I can thank my dad for making me watch horror movies with him when I was only 7 years old for that. But now, watching them is one of my favorite things to do in October and this year, I have three things to be excited about this coming October.

The first would be that there is going to be a Friday the 13th in October this year. One of my all-time favorite horror franchises is The Friday the 13th series. Every time what that fateful Friday happens to have a thirteen next to it on the calendar, I pull out all 12 of the films and watch them until I've had enough of Jason slicing teenagers up. This year I plan to do the same thing. If you haven't ever watched one, I recommend at least watching the first one and if you feel like laughing a little bit you should watch part eight, Jason Takes Manhattan (my personal favorite just because of how bad it was).

The second would be that on October 27th, Stranger Things season 2 is coming out. If you haven't watch Stranger Things, you're only hurting yourself. So, you need to watch it because it is great. If you loved the Goonies or any movie from the 80's you will love this series. I personally want to know what came out of Will's mouth and when Eleven will come back to the further because we all know she's not dead. The cast is great and easy to love which makes watching it so much better.

And the final thing I am excited about this year is that haunted houses will be back. I remember getting scared as a kid walking into a haunted house willingly and someone jumping out at me every few feet as I walked along, but one time stands out the most. Once, when I was twelve, I went through one with my sister and my mother. We made it to this room and there was a clown named Mickey. My sister was wearing flip-flops and Mickey decided to take one which was funny for me because she feared clowns above all else. She ran out of there, leaving her flip-flop behind. Although they never scared me, it was still fun to watch others get scared or to see someone try and scare me.

So those are the three things I am looking forward to doing this year during October. I hope you all have a safe and scary Halloween but don't forget to put on a mask or the dead may recognize that one of the living are walking among them on their only night that they are free to roam.